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SureVestor Insurace

At Grand Realty, we have two insurance tiers.

The first is a requirement and is only $25 per month, per unit, unless you provide your own policy with Grand Realty, Inc. as additional insured. See below -

At all times during this agreement, Owner must maintain in effect:

  1. Comprehensive public liability property insurance with minimum coverage of $1,000,000 that names Grand Realty, Inc. as a co-insured or additional insured.
  2. Owner understands that it is his/her responsibility to maintain adequate Fire and extended coverage hazard insurance in an amount equal to the total replacement cost of the structure and other improvements.
  3. Any additional insurance required.
  4. Not later than the 15th day after the Commencement Date, Owner must deliver to Broker copies of certificates of insurance evidencing the coverage required.
  5. Owner will be enrolled in the broker's Master General Liability Insurance if Owner fails to provide coverage noted above that lists the brokers as additionally insured.

The second is optional and includes the required Master General Liability Insurance as well as the ProtectionPlus Program. It is $55 per month, per unit. See below & click here for more information:

  1. Loss of rent guarantee with up to 25 weeks of rent loss
  2. Eviction Guarantee with $5k in eviction coverage, plus $600 for any sheriff fees
  3. Resident Malicious Damage Guarantee with $35k in Coverage
  4. $100k in resident accidental damage coverage resulting in Fire, Water, Smoke, and Explosion
  5. $1,000,000 coverage for 3rd party claims that happen on your property*
  6. $15K in Theft or Damage Due to Theft.
  7. Rekeying of locks if a resident skips or has to be evicted
  8. $5k lockbox coverage

*Please visit for more information about the ProtectionPlus Program.